The impact of layoffs, which are still occurring in the IT sector, is enormous on the workforce, particularly on senior professionals and new hires. The pressure of delivering the bad news and finishing the termination procedure is on the human resource departments. According to HR experts, it's time to upskill and leaving a job is not the end of the world. They acknowledge that it could be challenging for an employee. According to the senior HR director of a reputable IT company, the department is inundated with inquiries from the workforce.

IT businesses hold special workshops to provide a clear picture of the problem, and regular employee interaction programmes are also held. He said that workers are worried and clearly afraid.

According to Radtalent's founder and CEO, piyush Bharti, losing a job can be a stressful event. You can have feelings of helplessness, tension, and confusion as a result. The pandemic caused many job losses and a great deal of worry in the past, but things have gradually improved, according to Bharti. We can take something from the current situation that just because you lose your job doesn't imply your career is done.

We're talking about issues that are important in these trying times, Bharti continued. The first step is to realise and accept that it's not your fault because there are many economic and financial forces at play that influence businesses to take such extreme measures. I'm trying to illustrate here that one shouldn't put the blame on themselves or allow it to negatively impact their mental and emotional well-being.

"Second, be honest and approachable; attempt to broaden your network as circumstances may change and someone may have an opportunity you may take advantage of. Don't isolate yourself and avoid meeting or conversing with people because this could result in missed opportunities.

"Refresh your online accounts and resume. Writing down your accomplishments and experience might help you recognise your skills and your value to potential employers, even if you don't feel too good about it right now.

"Reflect on your job path, choose your best course of action moving forward, and invest time in upskilling yourself. Gaining new skills will increase your value to potential employers and may lead to more interesting and diverse roles. It could also make you passionate about learning something new.

Focus on what you can manage, as we talked before, and be open to discussing your emotional and mental health with friends and family.

"Regardless of the circumstances, losing a job may be very challenging. It's being felt by a lot of individuals right now. However, if you give some of these coping mechanisms a try, you could discover that you're better able to get through this period and get ready for better things.

Losing a job can be a trying and overwhelming experience, but it's not the end of the world, according to Meet Semlani, co-founder of the employee benefits platform Batik.

"Remember that there is always room for improvement and that your job does not define who you are. Consider using this time to reflect on your talents and hobbies and to look for new opportunities, advised Semlani.

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