Harmful effects of mobile on children-Follow these tips!!!P2

The physical and emotional health of children can suffer from using smartphones excessively. The negative side effects of excessive phone use can range from behavioural issues, sleep disruptions, depression, obesity, nervous system issues, and slower social development skills.

How to help your kid kick the smartphone habit:

Give information about the loss of the phone

Knowing about the loss of anything, one feels like moving away from it. In such a situation, children must be told about the disadvantages of mobile. They should be told how excessive use of the phone has bad effects on the eyes to skin.

Do not give the phone to children

In today's era, seeing children crying, parents give them phones, but in reality, this spoils their habit the most. That's why it is necessary not to give mobiles to children as an option to make them stop crying. Try to divert them by taking them out to handle appropriately without the usage of mobile.

Keep the kids busy

Apart from the phone, keep the children busy with other work. Let them do their favourite activity and keep them busy with more and more creative and physical activities so that their attention will be diverted from the phone itself.

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