People should follow this immediately..!?

A detailed report has been issued by the government regarding the measures to be taken to keep people safe from the effects of Cyclone Michaung. Relief work is going on as severe damage has been caused in 4 districts including chennai and Chengalpattu due to the Michaung storm. In the meantime, it has issued a detailed statement on what people should do. Accordingly,

Medical Aids:

People can go to medical camps and seek medical advice. mobile medical and public health units visit the affected areas so that people can get help. Tetanus toxoid injection is being administered at all medical camps or hospitals for people affected by the storm. In addition to medical care, bleaching powder is also provided by mobile medical and public health units in sumps / overhead tanks in medical camps.
Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases:
The government is making all efforts to prevent the spread of diseases like diarrhea and fever. The public is advised to follow the following precautions: Only safe drinking water should be used. It is better to drink boiled water. Wash your hands frequently with soaps to prevent illness, and avoid using food items soaked in flood water. If anyone develops fever or diarrhea, they should seek immediate treatment from medical camps or government health centers. If a similar infection is found, it should be reported immediately to a medical camp or hospital. people are asked to ignore rumors. If people notice private tanker trucks collecting water from open ponds / open wells, they should immediately report it to the Public health Department. The control room should be informed as this water is not safe.

Protected and safe drinking water:

Water with the proper amount of chlorine should be used for drinking. The chlorine level should be 2 PPM in overhead tanks (OHT) and 0.5 PPM in street tap/house tap. Follow these steps for chlorination of tank/sump water: For every thousand liters of water, 4 grams, 33% chlorine should be mixed in a bucket. Then slowly add water to 3/4th of the bucket and mix well. c. Wait 10 to 15 minutes for lime and other sediments to drain. The supernatant chlorine water should be transferred to another bucket and mixed in the overhead tank/sump. This water can be used after one hour. Repair broken pipelines and check for any leaks.
Sanitation measures in temporary shelters:
Those staying in temporary shelters should drink only water provided in the camp. 5.2 people should use toilet facilities. If there is no toilet, they can request the camp in charge to set up a temporary toilet. Temporary shelters are disinfected with bleaching powder and lime.

Pest Control Measures:
Flies breed in garbage and decaying materials. Therefore, garbage and decaying materials should be removed by the local government as soon as possible. These areas should be cleaned with bleaching powder and lime.

Method of mosquito control:

Tires, broken earthen pots, coconut shells, waste plastic containers, and standing water on construction sites are breeding grounds for mosquitoes, so unused containers should be changed frequently.

Safe disposal of dead animals or birds:
If dead animals or birds are observed, information should be provided. Municipalities/local bodies will seize the bodies, bury them, and clean them with disinfectants. All children between the ages of 19 months and 15 years should receive the measles-rubella vaccine. This vaccine should be given 4 weeks before any other vaccine.

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