Importance of World Hemophilia Day...

Every year on april 17, people throughout the world observe World Hemophilia Day to raise awareness of uncommon bleeding disorders and to show support for individuals who suffer from them. people with a rare genetic disorder that interferes with blood clotting might experience severe consequences, including internal bleeding, joint discomfort, swelling, and problems relating to bones. Undiagnosed cases may potentially be lethal."Despite the fact that haemophilia A/B can be treated with gene therapy and factor supplements, those who have the condition also experience joint discomfort, bone-related problems, swelling, internal bleeding, and profuse bleeding even from little injuries. If mild hemophilia goes undiagnosed, an accident or operation could be fatal. Therefore, it is crucial to diagnose the illness," says Dr. Dipanjana Datta, a Renew Healthcare genetic counselor accredited by BGCI Level II.

The day offers a chance to inform people about hemophilia's causes, symptoms, diagnosis, treatment options, and obstacles experienced by persons who have the illness. On World Hemophilia Day, people with hemophilia, their families, caregivers, medical professionals, and advocacy groups get together to celebrate the disease and to emphasize the value of understanding and support systems. It also emphasizes the necessity of continued investigation, creativity, and progress in the field of managing and treating hemophilia.

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