The recent box office success of nagarjuna has left his admirers unimpressed. His most recent film, The Ghost, was a complete failure, and the "King" hasn't delivered. a consistent big success at the box office for years. He is therefore concentrated on making sure that the execution and content of his upcoming project are strong.

Prasanna Kumar Bezawada, the author of the Dhamaka, and nagarjuna had planned a film. With Sankranthi's premiere in mind, the movie was a remake that was planned on a sizable budget. However, the movie has been put on hold as a result of several tragic events. In contrast to Chiranjeevi, Balakrishna, and venkatesh, nagarjuna appears to be the only senior tollywood performer who has slowed down among the Big 4.

Waltair Veerayya was a huge success for Chiru, while akhanda and Veera simha Reddy were back-to-back successes for Balakrishna. In addition to his upcoming feature Saindhav, venkatesh is experimenting with web series like Rana Naidu, which revealed a new aspect of him. Now it's up to nagarjuna to get his act together and rejoin the game. a huge success. watch out this space for more updates.

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