The trade calculations for telugu movies in Nizam + Ceded = Andhra [6 Territories] and the movie business were done in the same ratio for a long time, but more recently, there has been a tendency towards producing films with a telangana backdrop than in the past. Following the state split, telangana has begun to be represented in telugu movies. Films with the same setting are released frequently and bring in huge sums of money in the telangana region, but the same films somehow do poorly in Andhra Pradesh.

Take the most recent box office sensation Balagam, which only got 80% of its revenue from Nizam. The newest movie, Nani's dasara, is currently working exceptionally well in Nizam, but only okayishly in Andhra. For dasara, Nizam's earnings are greater than those of the entire state of Andhra Pradesh. The same problem occurred with earlier films like Falaknuma Das and Fidaa.

We cannot, however, blame Telangana's background for the underwhelming box office results of the aforementioned films. The telangana area is heavily represented in films like Balagam and Falaknuma Das, but not in dasara or Fidaa. These films may have resonated more with Nizam audiences, which may be why they did not perform as well in Andhra Pradesh.

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