Rude Bhai..!? Salman's security chase Katrina's husband..!?

Did salman Khan's security push Katrina's husband Vicky Kaushal? Bhai Sati oppressed the hero? This is currently a hot debate among netizens. Everyone is reacting differently on social media. But it can be understood that the reason for this is Salman's guards pushing Vicky. But those who watched the full video discovered that the video did not reflect the real reality.
Actually, salman bhai has no grudge against Vicky. There are more affections. salman behaved soberly as he gave the young hero a hug while entering the event. But meanwhile, Salman's guards pushed Vicky! But Vicky is facing some questions in front of the media on this. Vicky gave a bold answer to the media who questioned him. Rumors are spreading that salman Khan's bodyguards pushed Vicky at IIFA Abu Dhabi for security reasons. The reporter directly asked Vicky Kaushal. He immediately responded to this. Speaking to the media at the mega show green carpet, Vicky said that all the things seen in the video may not be true.

Therefore, there is no point in talking about it. Many times there is unnecessary chatter. There is no point about it. What appears in the video is different. The facts are different. The new video went viral a day after a video of vicky kaushal taking selfies with her fans on the same route while salman was escorted by his security went viral. Vicky tries to go to salman to greet him but Bhai's security guards push him away. He was not allowed to meet Salman. After seeing this video, salman was commented on as 'rude bhai'. But this left vicky kaushal fans disappointed.

After sharing another video of salman hugging Vicky saying watch the original video here, now everyone got clarity. IIFA Awards 2023 is being held at Ash Island, Abu Dhabi. Along with Vicky Kaushal-Salman Khan, abhishek Bachchan-Nora Singh-Rakul Preet Singh-Esha Gupta also attended the Mega Awards. vicky kaushal will soon be seen in Zara Hatke Zara Bachke with sara Ali Khan. The film marks the debut of Sara-Vicky.

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