For his upcoming Tamil-Telugu action romance Takkar, talented actor siddharth, renowned for roles in bommarillu and Nuvvostanante Nenoddantana, plans to wow audiences with a novel persona. The movie, written and directed by karthik G. krish, stars divyansha kaushik as the lead actress.

Takkar, a telugu and tamil film produced by TG vishwa Prasad and abhishek Agarwal in association with people media Factory, abhishek Agarwal Arts, and Passion Studios, opens in theatres on june 9. The crew is currently engaged in promotions after hogging the spotlight for the action-packed trailer, teaser, and three songs.

To provide more information about the movie, the creators convened a large press conference today in Hyderabad. Each member of the team that attended the event has shared their favorite memory. "This film has good content, siddharth is a fantastic performer, and this film will be a success for siddharth," co-producer vivek Kuchibotla predicted. With this movie, the filmmaker has done a fantastic job. With this movie, siddharth will return to his former glory.

Director karthik g krish stated, "Many people said that every content I have written will definitely be liked by telugu audience." So far, all you've seen of siddharth is him as a lover boy. I portrayed siddharth as a tough lover boy in this movie. This movie will stand out from the competition. This movie features romance, comedy, and love.

"Many people have asked me when I plan to make a full-length commercial film, and this is the answer," the hero siddharth stated. You have been treated to this point like a lover boy. I'll present you with an entirely different version of my avatar this time. karthik G. krish directed this movie as a full-fledged commercial comedy. This love story is packed with passion and action.

He continued, "I will end his 20-year career as a hero this August. I still consider myself fortunate to own six films. I practised martial arts and took part in action scenes for this movie. 35 days were spent filming action sequences. In this movie, Divyansha plays a very distinct role. This generation will be impressed by the unusual love tale in this movie.

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