Global Star ram charan is looking forward to the birth of his first kid while still juggling his professional obligations in the wake of RRR's phenomenal success. Sadly, one of his previous unsuccessful film's directors said that the actor wasn't returning his calls.

Recently, renowned filmmaker apoorva lakhia discussed his experiences working with ram charan on Zanjeer, their first movie together that bombed at the hindi box office and garnered a lot of criticism for the super hero's bollywood debut. Despite the fact that the two pieces of art are closely related, Lakhia disclosed that the actor has ceased returning his calls since the popularity of RRR.

He is a pretty dear buddy of mine, and I have visited him frequently since our collaboration, apoorva said in an interview. While Charan was reportedly filming for rrr in Ukraine, apoorva claimed that the actor gave him a call. "I replied that I was working on my show when he inquired what I was doing. I promised to get back to him since he asked me to shoot some action scenes with the second unit. That was the last time we chatted, but I couldn't go since I was working on something. He phones me at various times, but he never picks up. I guess he's busy."

Ram Charan is now hard at work filming his forthcoming movie Game Changer. Recently, he announced the opening of his production company and cast Nikhil in the lead. It makes sense that he hasn't had time to answer the director of Zanjeer's calls yet with everything going on.

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