Since its premiere ten years ago, Yeh Jawani Hain Deewani has become a cult favourite. The movie's cast and crew gathered to commemorate the milestone by having a party together. Interestingly, the 10-year anniversary came on May 31. The squad made a statement by dressing in all black, and photos of them have been widely circulated in the media. Along with the movie's director Ayan Mukherjee, there was ranbir kapoor, his on-screen love deepika Padukone, Aditya Roy Kapur, and kalki Koechlin.

Deepika can be seen hugging ranbir kapoor pretty closely in the photos, so it appears like not everyone appreciated their friendship. Some online trolls ridiculed them, asking, "Can girls let their husband get closer to their ex like this?," which did not go down well. Some were spreading hate on purpose since there is a broad dislike of bollywood and it's popular to troll Bolly celebrities. In addition, Ranbir was spotted partying with his ex the very following day after Alia's grandfather died away. Many were also upset by this.

Some believe that deepika still harbours strong feelings for Ranbir, believing that she will never be able to love another person as deeply as she did him. This concealed emotion stems from the fact that hearing the words "move on" is easier than really being able to do so. Although she's certainly content with someone else, love is something that you can never truly lose. While everything is going on, keep in mind that deepika and Ranbir have acted as a team since their highly publicised breakup, during which deepika claimed that Ranbir had cheated on her. Both have now moved on and are now contentedly married.

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