simran Budhrup aka Rishita, known for her role in the hit tv show Pandya Store, is much liked for her on-

screen chemistry with Akshay Kharodia. However, according to a report, a recent update has come out that the

actress has broken up with her longtime boyfriend Ashutosh Semwal.

simran confirms breakup with Ashu Semwal

In a report, simran said, Yes, it has been almost a month since our breakup. Let us tell you that Ashu and

simran met in chandigarh for a shooting, one thing led to another and they fell in love. After three years of

their relationship, they took a break from their relationship. simran further said, It has been a beautiful

relationship. We still have a lot of respect for each other. It’s just that we want different things in life. I like to be

clear about everything. I am someone who faces everything. I can’t fight over the same thing for years. That’s

why we decided to end our five-year long relationship.

This is how the actress is living after breakup

The actress said, When I feel like it’s getting too difficult, I call my friends and they take me out, which really

helps me, helps me distract myself.

simran said this on her relationship with Ashutosh

She said, Aashu and I were living together and now he is gone. Some of his stuff is still at my house, it is

difficult considering the time we spent together.

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