Reportedly for the last few days, news was coming out that Alizeh Agnihotri, niece of Bollywood’s

Dabangg i.e. salman khan, is going to debut in bollywood very soon with the actor’s film

Farre. However, no official announcement has been made regarding this yet. But now

Salman Khan, ending everyone’s wait, has released the teaser of the film on his social media

account. In which a glimpse of Alizeh has also been seen.

Salman Khan released the teaser of Farrey

Salman Khan has shared the teaser of Farrey on his instagram account. Before the release of

the teaser, the actor had shared an interesting post. In which he wrote -I have taught a new

word in the morning...I will tell you about it at four o’clock. Now at four o’clock the actor has

released the trailer of the film. While sharing this, he wrote in the caption - I was talking

about this F word, what did you think! #FarrayTeaser out now..

Glimpse of actor’s niece Alizeh seen in teaser

Salman Khan’s film Farrey is a thriller film. In which the actor’s niece Alizeh is also seen.

Looking at the trailer, it becomes clear that the entire story of the film revolves around school

children. Those who try to cheat in the exam. Alizeh looks very nervous and scared in the

trailer. Let us tell you that the trailer of the film is quite interesting. Which the actor’s fans are

also liking very much. This film is going to be released in theaters on 24th november this


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