Animal film has collected unexpectedly at the box office on its first day. Being one of the best opening films in the bollywood industry this year, Animal to South has also made an impact in the industry. Especially in two telugu states, it is surprising that the medium range heroes are getting decent collections. As an actor, Ranbir dominated the other actors in every scene.

Director sandeep has used Ranbir's talent to the fullest. Not only in the romantic scenes but also in the action episodes, the shades shown by him are well worked out in this. A section of audience decided to watch this movie on the first day only with the promotions of the movie. director sandeep Reddy Vanga has taken care to create hype for the movie from the trailer to the songs. But the absence of a crucial scene surprised everyone.

 When the lyrical video of the song Papa Mary jaan (Nanna Nuvve Pranam) was released, ranbir kapoor gets drunk and takes control of the plane in his hands. The background score and the hero's expressions are well highlighted. When a group of fans saw this scene on the silver screen in the theater, they were shocked that it was not there. Now there are comments on social media as to why sandeep pulled such a good scene. There are also opinions that instead of removing it, some scenes in the first half and some other scenes related to the heroine in the second half would be sufficient.

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