There is a lot of controversy these days in the controversial tv show bigg boss 17. But this weekend

there is going to be a big explosion. An interesting twist will be seen this weekend. But before that, let us

tell you that Tehelka fans are going to get a big shock in the show.

Tehelka fans will get a shock

Actually, a big news has come out about famous YouTuber Sunny arya aka Tehelka which can shock her

fans. In the promo released before the show, it was shown that there was a big fight between abhishek and

Sunny Arya. In this fight, Tehelka lost his temper and tried to scuffle with Abhishek. First he pulled

Abhishek’s T-shirt and then also pushed him.

Tehelka got punishment for assaulting Abhishek!

Now bigg boss has taken a big decision on this behavior of Sunny Arya. According to bigg boss fan

page bigg boss, Tehelka has been thrown out of the show due to her physicality. Even bigg boss has

tweeted and said - Let us tell you in advance that, after this weekend, karan johar has decided to expel

Tehelka from bigg boss 17 as a punishment. Even after warning several times, Tehelka Has shown his

aggression form

karan johar will host this weekend's war

Let us tell you that this Weekend Ka Vaar is not going to be hosted by salman khan but by karan Johar.

Like salman khan, karan will also be seen giving classes to the contestants, a glimpse of which has been

seen in the promo. In this promo video, he is seen reprimanding abhishek Kumar, ankita lokhande and

Mannara Chopra.

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