Four Celebrities divorced due to Dhanush..!?

 Nowadays we hear news of the divorce of screen celebs quite often. Especially recently, GV Prakash-Saindhavi's divorce created a lot of buzz. They had been in love since their school days and got married on a whim. But within 10 years their married life ended. Although there are many reasons for this, Dhanush's name is also being muttered. How everyone in Dhanush's circle of friends is now divorced. Accordingly, amala paul has not only acted with dhanush but also acted in his production. This close friendship was said to be the reason for the divorce. Next, host Divyadarshini's marriage break-up also created a stir. She acted in a small role in Pa Pandi directed by Dhanush. Her divorce took place at that time. Dhanush's younger brother Selvaraghavan later divorced sonia Aggarwal.

Likewise, his close friend karthik kumar divorced singer Suchitra. The town knows that this happened because of the Suchi Leaks issue. Suchitra has openly stated that dhanush is the sole culprit. dhanush, who is said to be the cause of many divorces, has now gone to court seeking a divorce. The netizens who are making fun of this are calling him a little Naradha. But what is the use of blaming him only? Comments are flying that there is something wrong with those celebrities.

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