A madras high court judge has directed the police to refrain from harassing people called for questioning. In a petition filed in the high court by Rajini from salem district, the salem District Central Crime Branch police had issued a summons to her and sought an order not to harass her in the name of investigation.

Summons: This case came up for hearing before Justice Satikumar Sukumara Group. At that time, it was informed that the summons had been sent because the police had to conduct an investigation regarding the complaint received against the petitioner. The judge then said:

Since the criminal court cannot interfere in the investigation by the police, a large number of petitions are filed seeking an order that the police should not harass them in the name of investigation. Generally, the high court also does not interfere in police investigations. At the same time, the courts will not turn a blind eye if it is brought to the attention of the court that those called for questioning have been harassed by the police.

As summons have been sent to the petitioner to appear for the hearing in this case, accordingly the petitioner has to appear for the hearing. Summons for hearing must be sent in writing, clearly specifying the date and time of appearance. Investigation procedures should be uploaded in the register at the police station. In particular, the police should refrain from harassing persons called for questioning. The judge ordered to close the case.

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