For the first time in the nine years since Telangana's inception, the telangana congress, which is doing everything in its power to reinvigorate the party in the state, is reaching out to non-resident indians who are of telangana heritage in an effort to gain their support for the party in the upcoming elections.

Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the congress, will participate in the celebration of Telangana's 10th anniversary on june 4 in New York when he arrives to speak to an audience of indians about how India's democracy is in danger. Additionally, he will describe how congress met a 60-year-old demand to respect a democratic demand despite suffering a loss of identity in the remaining Andhra Pradesh.

A. revanth Reddy, president of the telangana Pradesh congress Committee (TPCC), will speak to influential NRIs of telangana descent on june 1 in an effort to persuade them of the need of supporting the congress in the next elections and bringing about change in Telangana. This is the first outreach project the congress has launched to reach out to NRIs, who have historically supported the government's Bharat Rashtra Samiti (BRS), especially during the agitation.

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