India has seen unprecedented success in space. isro Chief S. somnath has expressed the hope that india will have its own space station after Chandrayaan-3 and Gaganayana. America sends its astronauts to the international Space Station. Russian cosmonauts are also housed in the same station. china also has its station in space. While india is also making progress in the field of astronomy, the question on everyone's mind is when india will have its own space station. isro Chairman S. somnath spoke to Asianet news Managing Chairman Rajesh Kalra.

Chandrayaan, not only going to the moon, gives more goals. The question is what is the ultimate goal? A question comes up. We have a track. Chandrayaan 1, Chandrayaan 2, Chandrayaan 3. We have also conducted a Mars mission, we have also conducted Astrosat, we are conducting Exposat. The Human Space Track is underway, a plan to send humans into space. We are also paying attention to the reusable rocket. somnath said that by putting all these projects together, we have thoughts about why india should not worry about man walking on the moon one day. Along with that, isro is planning to build our own space station tomorrow. Then it is not possible to stay in space for a few days and continue research. Why not make big projects using small ideas. We are motivated by our success to create ideas like this. We deserve to achieve that today. We are going to further increase our capacity in a few years. We are soon going to send our own space station into Earth orbit. We are doing this for scientific purpose. Robotic operations on the space station are very important for industries. It helps in new device discovery, medical synthesis, 3D organ printing, continuous research and development. Gagan says that the travel plan will definitely happen.

Chandrayaan and Gaganyana project should be merged to send man on moon. If this is possible by 2047 in Amrita's time, it will be a wonderful idea. We thought why not work on this. It requires constant exploration to get to the moon and back again. This will be made possible by continuous study on the moon and after soft landing it should take off and return to earth. We are thinking of doing this in a very short period of time. There is a plan to bring samples from the moon here and study them. He also said that there is no doubt that india will set foot on the moon in the next few years about sending robot food to the moon and conducting studies. It is our desire that all this should be possible through an indian launch vehicle. Why do we need someone else's launch vehicle? somnath questioned. Do you want anyone else's participation in this project? Because partnerships are always important, chandrayaan 3 also had some partnerships. He said that the partnership will take place but the primary design will be made all over India.

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