The telangana government is getting ready to open an air ambulance facility in the upcoming days, allowing patients to be promptly admitted to public speciality hospitals for emergency critical treatment. According to T harish rao, the state's health minister, the air ambulance capability would be specifically aimed at patients and families who live in distant areas and come from economically disadvantaged groups and who require urgent access to life-saving medical care.
In announcing the ten-year progress report for the telangana health Department, minister harish rao said that thanks to the Chief Minister's long-term vision, K Chandrashekhar Rao, telangana has become a national leader in healthcare within the past ten years, accomplishing feats that were previously unthinkable.

"I must also thank the people of telangana for their unwavering support of the health department on the occasion of the release of our progress report. We'll keep coming up with innovative ideas, like providing air ambulance service for the underprivileged, said Harish Rao. harish rao highlighted some of the impending new developments and mentioned that the gandhi Hospital's centralised, cutting-edge organ transplant clinic would be ready for opening in the approaching weeks.

With ongoing attempts to fill an additional 7,291 vacancies, a record 22,600 positions have been filled in the medical department during the previous nine years. Overall, he predicted that we will be able to fill close to 30, 000 positions in the medical area in the upcoming months.

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