According to reports, a number of idols were prevented from being submerged in the Hussain Sagar late on monday because they were constructed of plaster of Paris, in accordance with the telangana High Court's affirmation that the previously imposed prohibition was still in effect. Following this, hundreds of pandal organisers and devotees sat in an unplanned protest on Tank Bund for about an hour, supported by a few NGOs involved in the Ganesh celebrations. 
In order to guarantee that the idols were submerged in Hussain Sagar as normal, the organisers urged that the state government step in, contact the High Court, and intervene. Traffic movement was impacted by the demonstration along highways two km distant from Tank Bund. The demonstration surprised the police who were posted on Tank Bund.

We have been visiting this location for immersion for a very long time. The big day is quickly approaching, and these directives would not only cause trouble but also damage the feelings of thousands of devotees, according to a pandal organiser. police detained the demonstrators after many attempts to get them to clear the road failed. The roads have been opened for traffic, according to DCP M. Venkateswarlu for the central zone.

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