The results of the telangana exit poll for 2023 are set to go...

The telangana assembly election concluded without any major incidents. Those in line at the polling places until five o'clock in the evening have the opportunity to cast a ballot, according to election commission officials. 119 constituencies throughout telangana will be polled in the upcoming election thanks to arrangements made by the authorities.

As the staff arrived at the various DRC centers around the state, officials gave them EVMs and other materials. The staff took the supplies and arrived at their designated polling places by wednesday night. district election Officers instructed the staff and conducted inspections of numerous DRAC centers. The polls were open from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. 1.85 lakh people are working on election-related tasks, including 35,356 polling places spread across 19,375 areas, webcasting in 27,094 polling places, and 22,000 micro observers monitoring polling places.

On Thursday, there were polling places all over the state from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. Approximately 1.85 lakh employees took part in the electoral tasks. In all, 19,375 locations throughout the state have 35,356 polling places set up for voters. From there, the government is setting up 27,094 polling places for webcasting. To monitor polling places, 22,000 squads and micro observers have been assigned. In a single phase, 119 constituencies were polled.

In all, 2,290 candidates are running for the seat.

Every one of the state's 119 constituencies had a single phase of voting. There are 2,290 contenders in the running. The three major parties are BJP, Congress, and BRS. The authorities have also sent out central forces to assist with election security in addition to the state police. There is more security now in the vicinity of troublesome polling places. According to Chief Electoral Officer Vikas Raj, every preparation has been made to ensure that the state's assembly elections are held peacefully. On december 3, following the conclusion of voting throughout the state, the votes will be tallied and the outcomes declared.

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