After the results of rajasthan assembly elections, it has become clear that this time also the tradition of the state

remained intact. bharatiya janata party has achieved a massive victory. Now cm ashok gehlot has submitted his

resignation to governor Kalraj Mishra. bjp has performed tremendously in rajasthan and won 112 seats.

Whereas congress has so far won only 64 seats.

After the defeat of congress, the custom of changing the government every five years continues in Rajasthan.

After the party’s defeat, chief minister ashok gehlot submitted his resignation to governor Kalraj Mishra. Ashok

Gehlot was the chief minister of rajasthan for three terms. cm Gehlot is second in the list of Chief Ministers

with the second longest tenure in Rajasthan. After his resignation, bjp will soon elect the leader of the legislative

party and announce the name of the new Chief Minister. After BJP's victory with a huge majority, a period of

speculation has started regarding the name of the new chief minister in Rajasthan.

Custom of changing government since 1993

After the assembly elections held in rajasthan since 1993, the power in the state has been changing every five

years. Bhairo Singh Shekhawat was the first non-Congress leader of Rajasthan. He became the chief minister of

Rajasthan for the first time in 9 assembly elections from BJP. After this, in the year 1993, bjp registered victory

and Bhairo Singh Shekhawat became the chief minister for the second time. congress won the 1998 assembly

elections and ashok gehlot became the chief minister for the first time, but after the defeat of congress in the

2003 assembly elections, bjp returned to power and vasundhara raje became the second non-Congress leader to

become the Chief Minister.

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