It is rumoured that the former chief minister of telangana, kcr, is grappling with unexpected defeat-induced depression following the results of the recent assembly elections. After the announcement of his defeat, kcr quietly retreated to his farmhouse, displaying a demeanour that suggested he was unfazed by the setback. Reports indicate a lack of enthusiasm during a party meeting held on Monday, signalling a despondent state of mind. 

KCR is believed to be experiencing dashed hopes and severe emotional distress. The subdued atmosphere surrounding KCR's demeanour raises concerns about the morale of leaders at the grassroots level. District-level leaders also appear to be in a weakened state, confined to silence. While it is natural for kcr to bear the weight of shame, observers emphasize that this is a critical juncture.

With parliamentary elections looming in the next three months, the political landscape is undergoing a transformation. prime minister Modi's influence is reportedly spreading across the country, and in this context, it is suggested that Modi's impact could be felt in telangana as well. The recent elections saw the bjp securing eight seats in telangana, and the party aims to sustain this momentum, viewing the upcoming parliamentary elections as a matter of prestige.

Similarly, the victorious congress is expected to pursue the goal of parliamentary elections once in power. Observers stress the importance of kcr regaining courage and leading the way forward. It is emphasized that if kcr remains despondent, it may affect the morale of the party cadre at the grassroots level. As a crucial time approaches, the focus is on ensuring the effective functioning of the BRS (Bharat Ratna Sthal) and moving forward with the mantra of 'past is past.'

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