Bharatiya Janata party leader and Union minister Sanjeev Balyan has said that the central government has taken

decisions in favor of farmers. Today farmers have the freedom to express their views. He claimed that the farmers

are not angry with the government. In an exclusive conversation with ABP News, Balyan answered the question of

the demand of Western UP. On RLD Chief Jayant Chaudhary's entry into NDA, Balyan said that I am originally

from BJP. I am not imported. Whatever decision my party takes, I am in favor of it. The party will do whatever it

thinks is right. If the party feels that it will be beneficial then it is fine, if there is no benefit then it should not be

done. He said that it rarely happens that the government accepts everything I say. I am also an mp and I have my

own views. I expressed my views based on my thoughts. Earlier I had demanded a high court bench in Western

UP but did not get it. It took me 9 and a half years but it didn't happen. But I express myself and my area with full


Does Balyan want to become CM?

When asked whether he wants to become cm or not... Balyan said that I am happy to become an MP. I did not get

the assembly ticket at first but got the lok sabha ticket and was made a minister in the first attempt. There is no

limit to ambition in politics. When asked why Balyan's charge as a Union minister changes, he said - I do

whatever I am told. I work wherever the party tells me.

Baliyan said on the question of Western UP

What would be the benefit if Western UP gets separated as per their demand… On this question, Balyan said that

sometimes the leader gets misled by seeing more people. I should have raised this issue on the party forum. But

now that it's been said, it's been said. On the question of relationship with Sangeet Som, the Union minister said

that we have no dispute. There may be differences of opinions, but there are no differences of opinion. On the

difference between Som and Baliyan on the issue of Western UP, the bjp leader said that his and my thinking may

be different.

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