The wait of ram devotees across the country is coming to an end. The date of Ramlala’s consecration in Ayodhya

is approaching. In such a situation, Rajasthan’s contribution in the grand ram temple is important. On one hand,

600 kg of ghee has been sent in bull chariots for the Aarti and Havan before Jodhpur. On the other hand, a marble

seat has been prepared for Lord Shri ram from Makrana in Nagaur. The construction of a grand temple of Lord

Shri ram is going on in full swing in Ayodhya, Uttar Pradesh. A program of consecration of the statue of Lord

Shri ram is proposed in the temple on 22nd January. The country’s prime minister Narendra Modi will attend.

Ramlal’s statue will be present in the sanctum sanctorum. Everyone is waiting for this historic moment. The grand

seat on which this statue of god will be installed. The marble seat on it has been prepared in Makrana Nagaur.

Octagonal marble stones made in Makrana of Nagaur district.

Golden throne made for Ramlala

Now before leaving for Ayodhya, it was kept in the city for public viewing on Monday. During this time, a large

number of city residents visited the seat of ram Lal. Once installed in the sanctum sanctorum, no devotee will be

able to reach the seat of this Sheela. Hukaram Choudhary and Dharmaram Choudhary, directors of Rana Marble of

Makrana in Nagaur district, said that the standing statue of Lord Shri ram will be installed on the pedestal made of

white marble. Below this seat, there will be a gold studded throne about 4 feet high.

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