BJP's Parliamentary party meeting congratulated prime minister Modi for his victory in the assembly elections. Voting for the assembly elections of five states namely Madhya Pradesh, rajasthan, chhattisgarh, telangana and Mizoram was held from 7th to 30th of last month. In that, bjp has won in other states except telangana and Mizoram. congress has won in telangana and Zoram People's Movement in Mizoram. The bjp, which has wrested power from the congress in rajasthan and chhattisgarh, has retained power in Madhya Pradesh. In particular, in chhattisgarh, the congress is bound to win, and in Madhya Pradesh, where it is predicted that there will be a close contest, the bjp has won overwhelmingly.

After a landslide victory in three out of five state elections, the bjp Parliamentary party meeting was held in delhi today. prime minister Narendra Modi was felicitated in the meeting. Everyone stood up and applauded prime minister Narendra Modi. In the first parliamentary party meeting of the bjp held between the winter session of the Parliament, senior leaders including National President JP Natta raised slogans praising the leadership of prime minister Modi.

Prime minister Modi's leadership is said to be the main reason behind the BJP's victory in the three state elections of Madhya Pradesh, chhattisgarh and Rajasthan. Similarly, even if the congress wins in telangana, the BJP's vote share has increased in the state. Every week during the Parliamentary session, the bjp Parliamentary party meeting consists of all lok sabha and rajya sabha members. In the meeting, the leaders including prime minister Modi will talk about the issues to be discussed in both houses, BJP's organization and political campaigns.

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