BJP organized Ambedkar Samagam program in the capital Patna on Thursday. During this, bjp state president

Samrat Chaudhary fiercely attacked cm Nitish Kumar. He said that all sections of bihar have told that they have

distanced themselves from Nitish Kumar-Lalu Yadav. JDU and RJD are anti-Ambedkar and anti-reservation. The

people of bihar have faith in narendra Modi’s guarantee. Pandit Nehru changed the laws of the country. Modi has

corrected the Constitution by removing Article 370.

The people there responded to Lalu Yadav - Samrat Chaudhary

Samrat Chaudhary said that Lalu prasad Yadav talks about cleaning up the BJP. He had said this even before the

election results of five states. The people there have given a reply to Lalu Yadav. JDU party also went to the

elections in five states. The votes received by JDU party are less than the votes received by the Panchayat

representative in the elections. The existence of JDU party has also ended with the panchayat representative


The weather betrayed BJP

Let us tell you that after the caste census in bihar, now preparations have started by political parties to woo caste

based voters. JDU had recently organized Bhim Samvad while now bjp has organized Ambedkar Samagam

program. bjp was preparing for this program for many days. There was complete planning by bjp to tap the Dalit

vote bank with a show of strength, but the weather betrayed them. Due to heavy rain in Patna, chairs were seen

empty during BJP’s Ambedkar Samagam and workers were seen hiding from the rain here and there.

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