Heroic Advisors for Non-Existent Organizations..!!

-Two higher education graduates have been appointed as advisors. 

-Bharat Reddy was appointed as an aviation consultant.

-The jagan government thought very highly in selecting the advisers.

Consultants are generally involved in providing advice to existing organizations and driving them forward in development. In this regard, governments appoint some consultants. However, the government has hired consultants for two organizations that are not pictured in AP. Out of these, two higher education graduates have been appointed as advisors. And the government should know what they did. One V.N. Bharat Reddy. A leader with ties to the YCP. As he was highly educated, he was appointed as an aviation consultant. In fact, aviation is not a subject within the purview of states. A subject within the purview of the Central Government. All the matters related to this are also looked after by the Centre. But, it is not known why the ap government appointed him.

Bharat reddywho is an aviation consultant, has never come forward to the media. There is no situation to say what he did. And, another advisor, Tummala Lokeswar Reddy. He is also a consultant for technical projects. His condition is the same. There are no technical projects in the state. Anyway, Institutes like IIT and IIM will take care of it. These are under the purview of the central government. But, the government has appointed them as advisors. Thus the Jagan government thought about many things and thought very highly in selecting the advisers. But it has appointed advisers for some matters even though they are not required. And what the above said people did, what advice they gave, only they should know, only the government who took the advice should know. It is noteworthy that there is also an internal discussion that the government is narrowed down by such people.

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