Meera Vasudevan's third wedding took place in Goa

Meera vasudevan

Meera Vasudevan was born in a tamil family living in Mumbai. She made her debut in the film with a serial called Cauvery on sun TV in 2001. After this, she has acted in serials like Suryavamsam and Siddhi 2 and has also acted in cinema. meera Vasudevan, who has acted in films like Unga Rear, Jerry and Manayanan, has won the tamil Nadu government award for the film.

Meera Vasudevan Marriage

Meera Vasudevan married vishal Agarwal in 2005. vishal Agarwal is the son of cinematographer ashok Kumar. The couple's marriage came to an end in the five years. meera Vasudevan divorced him in 2010 due to his anxiety with vishal Agarwal.

Meera vasudevan 3rd marriage

Later in 2012, meera Vasudevan became accustomed to the famous villainous actor john Coken, and it became a love affair. Thus, in 2012, the two got married. The couple also had a baby boy. But this marriage of meera Vasudevan ended in four years. meera Vasudevan divorced and divorced him due to disagreement with john Cocken in 2016.

Meera Vasudevan Muslim Vipin

After a divorce with meera Vasudevan, john Kokane fell in love with actress pooja ramachandran in 2019. Currently, the couple has a baby boy. Actress meera Vasudevan, who has not been married after the segment with john Cochane, is currently holding her third wedding as a silent.

Meera vasudevan weds vipin

Meera Vasudevan's third wedding took place in goa on May 21. Only close relatives and friends attended the event. He is married to Vipin. Vipin is working as a cinematographer. The two have been working together since 2019. Then it has become a love of love. The 3rd married actress meera Vasudevan has a greeting on social networks.

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