Chitra Pournami 2024: When is Chitra Pournami 2024? What is its specialty and significance?

In this post, we can see when Chitra Poornami 2024 and its significance. Although the full moon of every month is special, the full moon of Chitrai month is special. It is also known as Chitra Poornami. It is believed that on this Chitra Poornima, one goes to the temples and bathes in holy rivers and fasts and worships to get rid of one's sins. In this post, we can see when Chitra Poornami 2024 and its significance.

Chitra Poornami 2024: When?

Chitra poornima is celebrated on the 23rd of April. It starts on 22nd april at 5.55 PM. The next day, april 23, at 7.48 pm, poornima Tithi ends. Generally, the Tithi on which a day starts is counted for the whole day. So even though Pournami Tithi begins on the evening of the 22nd, Chitra Poornami is celebrated on the 23rd of April.

Why is Chitra poornima celebrated?

Lord shiva asked Parvati to bring a golden tablet and make an image on it to know the merits of this world's sins. Parvati was astonished to see this and prayed to shiva to make this image speak. shiva also preached magic and gave the image the power to speak and named it Chitra putra. This son of Siddha incarnated on the full moon day. lord shiva had ordered that everyone in the universe should report their bad and virtuous accounts to him every day. Accordingly, Chitra Putranar has been writing accounts from this world. Therefore, it is believed that if you worship him on this day by fasting, he will reduce the number of sins of people and bestow merits.

Chitra Poornami Worship

It is also believed that by worshiping Lord Chitra Gupta on this Chitra poornima day, the thought of sinning will be removed from our mind and the character of merit will increase. Also on this Chitra Poornami day, it is better to worship lord shiva and also worship Muruga and Ambala. It is very important to worship at home on Chitra Poornami day as well as visit the temple.

It is also believed that on this day the power of the deities in the temples is high. So it is said that all our prayers will be fulfilled by going to the temple and worshiping on this day. It is believed that going to the temple on this day will have a positive impact on us, and it will have a positive impact on our lives and we will have a good life. Perhaps those who cannot go to the temple can perform poornima Puja at home. The house should be cleaned the day before, and early morning on the full moon day, the Sami images in the puja room of the house should be decorated with flowers and lights, and sugar pongal should be offered and worshiped. Also on the day of Chitra Poornima, Kovalam can be visited from monday 6 pm to 8 pm on april 23.

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