I shouldn't have said that to the indian fans..!?

 England's Harry Brook has expressed regret for criticizing indian cricket fans during the IPL cricket series. It is a regular thing that any young player who is introduced from england cricket is given an over-build-up by the country's media and teammates. The player's bat swing, shot selection, whitewash of spinners, and technique will be described and pushed. But in international cricket, they will not be able to do much.
Harry Brook is such an inflated balloon. He made his debut in england cricket last year, and captain ben stokes assembled the build-up. Thus, the hyderabad team bid for the Harry Brook of england team for Rs. 13.25 crore during the IPL auction. He scored just 190 runs in 11 matches in the IPL series. Meanwhile, Harry Brook was teased by indian cricket fans when he missed the first few matches. He then scored a century in the match against the KKR team and openly responded that he was happy to silence the indian fans. But then Harry Brooke was unable to face the spinners and squawked at the crease and lost the wicket.In the context of the IPL auction approaching, England's Harry Brook has said that he is sorry for criticizing the indian fans. As Harry Brooke puts it, he is an idiot. Shouldn't have said stupid things about indian fans in that interview. Sorry for that. While browsing instagram and Twitter, he came across some unnecessary criticism. He took a short break from social media after that incident. Even now he is on social media. But he said that there is a separate admin to use it.

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