AB Devilliers has lost sight in his right eye..!?

 South African cricketer ab de villiers has made a shocking statement that he has lost sight in his right eye. De Villiers retired from international cricket in 2018. But after that, de Villiers, who played in the IPL till 2021, played their last game against kolkata in the play-offs. Speaking on his YouTube channel, de Villiers said that his son hit his right eye with his shoe while he was playing, and since then his vision has started to deteriorate. However, de Villiers has clarified that he did not undergo the surgery at first and later underwent the surgery as per the doctor's instructions.He said then doctors asked how could he play cricket with one eye his left eye is functioning well and he has been able to play cricket well for the last two years. He also said that the coronavirus period also affected his cricket a lot. In the world of cricket, de Villiers mentioned that the world cup in 2015 caused the biggest pain in his life and said that when he returned to his team, he realized that the atmosphere of the team was not the same as before. De Villiers mentioned that he don't want everyone's attention to fall on him and said that he only wanted to say thank all and leave.

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