Shocking..! Contestant suddenly leaving the bigg boss show..?

While the bigg boss show is currently in full swing, there is a rumor that one of the main contestants, Ayesha, is likely to leave the show. After the first season of bigg boss, it is bigg boss Season 6 that has attracted fans from all walks of life. Although the most famous actors and actresses on the silver screen did not participate in the competition, the most famous people on the small screen, choreographers, and many people who are very popular on social media participated.A total of 21 contestants are participating in bigg boss Season 6. When the bigg boss show started, 20 contestants entered the house. Last Sunday, Myna Nandini entered as a wildcard contestant. And the bigg boss team has livened up the show by giving more innovative tasks than ever before. In this case, there is a possibility of Ayesha, the main contestant, suddenly leaving the bigg boss house and it has created a stir. Ayesha, who is known as a very sensitive contestant, had already suffered from breathlessness once, and then the bigg boss medical team treated her. Following this, she is suffering from shortness of breath during the task again today. Then the contestants gave her first aid like ointment. Later the medical team also came and gave treatment.She is currently suffering from suffocation and is being treated for it. She has already suffered from suffocation once and the other contestants gave first aid and then the medical team came and treated her. It is said that she is likely to leave the house as her health continues to deteriorate.

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