Cook With Comali: Sivaangi cried! Chef Thamu scolds?...

It is noteworthy that the Vijay tv programme Cook with Comali, which airs every week on Saturdays and Sundays, receives a tonne of viewership. The fourth season is now being well greeted by the audience as usual.

Cook with Comali has a fresh twist this week. From the first three seasons, three chefs have already joined the programme. rekha from season one, Shakila from season two, and Roshini from season three. The elimination phase for this season's six cooks will take place the following week if any one of these three contestants wins. This week, two clowns also join Bharat and Sarath.

In this instance, Sivaangi will prepare cantaloupe on this week's episode. Shivangi was reprimanded somewhat strongly by Chef Damu when she said she couldn't prepare cantaloupe for the competition. He added, "You have come to a competition; you have to prepare the food using the ingredients provided; don't pretend you can't." After that, Sivaangi's countenance turned dejected and she began to cry. Sivaangi was reprimanded by Chef Thamu, but internet users are now complaining that Sivaangi is receiving more privileges from Vijay tv and that vishal should have been fired instead of Sivaangi last week.

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