There are as many germs on the laptop screen and keyboard as on the toilet seat, clean them like this, and no part will be harmed.

While cleaning the laptop, put it in sleep mode and disconnect the laptop from the charger. If your laptop is hot, start cleaning it after 5 minutes. While cleaning the laptop, do not use water at all.

Laptop Clean Tip

The laptop remains with you most of the time when you eat coffee, lunch, and snacks. Still, the laptop remains with you. At times, your colleagues cough or sneeze and shake hands with you. In such a situation, you start typing emails without cleaning your hands, due to which germs equal to toilet seats accumulate on your laptop screen and keyboard. If you want to clean these germs. So here we are going to tell you some easy tips to clean the laptop screen and keyboard, using which will not cause any harm to your laptop.

Before starting to clean the laptop, apply some water on a microfiber cloth and then first clean the laptop screen. There is no need to apply too much pressure while cleaning the screen. Do not apply water or cleaning solution directly to your computer. As for your microfiber towel, just use a small amount of liquid. Because it can go inside the laptop and damage the motherboard of your laptop.

You should never use bleach and ammonia to clean a laptop 

If you clean the laptop daily even with a plain cloth, then your laptop can remain clean for a long time. Many times small particles of your food get inside the keyboard of the laptop. If you want to remove these particles along with the dust, you can clean the keyboard of your laptop by using air pressure.Just cleaning the laptop screen and keyboard is not enough. You should also keep cleaning the charging port, USB port, and audio port of the laptop from time to time using a brush.

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