Heart attack kills Bride & Groom the night of their wedding..?

Following their wedding, a newlywed couple was discovered dead the following morning in the bahraich area of Uttar Pradesh. According to the post-mortem report, the bride and groom passed away from heart attacks. On May 30, Pratap Yadav, age 22, wed Pushpa, age 20. On May 31, the newlyweds went to bed in their chamber, and the next morning, they were discovered dead. 

In Pratap's village, the couple's remains were burned at the same bonfire. On tuesday night, Pratap and Puspha were wed, and on wednesday night, the wedding procession made its way back to the bride and groom's home. According to Rajnath Singh, who cited the Inspector in charge of the Kaiserganj police station, the couple fell asleep on wednesday night, two days after their wedding. When the pair did not leave their room until thursday afternoon, the groom's family became concerned.

"Although there were no indications of compelled entry into the room or injury marks on the couple's body that suggest no crime angle in their deaths, the autopsy findings of struggling a heart attack at the same time have some raised apprehensions," the inspector said. The inspector added that a team of forensic experts are inspecting the room and circumstances to determine the cause of the deaths.

According to the postmortem report, the husband and wife both experienced heart attacks at the same moment, according to SP bahraich Prashant Verma. The couple reportedly had no past history of heart problems. In order to unravel the mystery surrounding the couple's deaths, Verma added that the viscera from both bodies had been stored for further investigation at the State Forensic Science Laboratory in Lucknow.

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