"Sita Ramam," directed by Hanu Raghavapudi, is a love story that also explores themes of compassion, patriotism, and sacrifice. The movie offers a strong message: choose love over conflict and humanity over animosity, even if it starts out and plays like a romance drama. It covers a wide range of locations and multiple time periods, including Hyderabad, Kashmir, Pakistan, and London. Rashmika's Afreen's tale is told at the beginning of "Sita Ramam."

Similar to "Mahanati" and "KGF," it repeatedly discusses two distinct threads before merging them. It's interesting how the plot keeps a few surprises in store. The narrative of Sita and ram starts in Kashmir, continues to Hyderabad, and then returns to Kashmir. In 1965, they were introduced to one another through letters. However, a lot of dull scenes keep arriving until we get to see the major romantic track between Dulquer and Mrunal Thakur. The comedic scenes also detract from the atmosphere.

Just before the intermission, the movie and the plot find their groove. The drama gets more intense as the curiosity grows. The last hour is compelling and inspiring. The last 40 minutes of the movie represent its heart, even though the film's rich frames arrest us throughout. The conclusion is captivating. Hanu Raghavapudi, the director, has also made sure to include a few surprises in certain parts of the narrative. It makes sense why the movie's metre is accurate by the end.

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