While Kalvakuntla Kavitha, a Bharat Rashtra Samithi MLC, was being questioned by the Enforcement Directorate about the delhi liquor policy scam, her father and telangana chief minister chandrasekhar rao-Latest Updates, Photos, Videos are a click away, CLICK NOW'>k chandrasekhar rao hurriedly sent out an open letter to the party members, sparking unfounded rumours. As elections are at least eight months away, kcr has no rhyme or reason for writing the letter at this time. It is still more than a month away from the party's foundation day, assuming he was speaking to party members at the time.

The letter's tone and tenor indicate that kcr is getting the party cadre ready for the upcoming elections, which sparked rumours that he might be thinking about holding early elections for the state. However, judging by the timing of the letter, it was reported that kavitha might be arrested at any moment as she is currently embroiled in the delhi liquor fraud. kcr wants to take advantage of this new trend by requesting that party members be prepared for an early election.

In his letter, kcr expressed certainty that the BRS would win the upcoming elections and secure a hat-trick of victories. According to him, neither the bjp nor the congress parties' deceptive politics will succeed in enticing the people of Telangana. The chief minister stated that since it was an election year, it was the responsibility of the party members to carefully refute and expose the false propaganda of the opposing parties. I

KCR stated that it was the duty of the party members to further fortify the party. He declared that he would be grateful to party members for helping to secure the party's resounding victory in all of these elections, from panchayats to parliamentary districts.

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