Madhyamik General Secretary vaiko has said that Central Government's joking about the Meketatu Dam issue can be a big loss for tamil Nadu.

Madurai madurai General Secretary vaiko flew to madurai from chennai to attend a party functionary's house function. He told reporters at the airport: “The odisha train accident is the worst in the history of railways. Whether this is a technical glitch or a conspiracy is debatable. We have to wait and see. If it is a conspiracy, the perpetrators should not be forgiven.

People fear that train travel is dangerous. In this context, we need to investigate and find out the truth. The culprit should be punished. It is commendable that tamil Nadu ministers and officials have done the necessary things in the train accident rescue mission.

About 12 years ago, I gathered a thousand people and organized a protest. Then they said that they will finish building the Meghadatu Dam. Money has been allocated for it. They are currently working on it. The central government will have fun with this. This can be a big loss for tamil Nadu.

If water does not come from Kabini Krishnaraja Sagar, tamil Nadu will become Pancha Pradesh. "My allegation is that the central government will be deceitful because of the fate that is hanging like a knife above the head," vaiko said. Earlier, district secretary Muniyaswamy, Bhoominathan mla and other administrators welcomed vaiko at the airport.

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