As the people of chennai grapple with water-logged homes, flooded streets, and power outages, legendary music maestro AR Rahman, a native of the city, has urged everyone to cooperate with the ongoing relief efforts. The Oscar-winner expressed his empathy for the victims, calling on the community to stand united in support, spread awareness, and contribute to relief initiatives. rahman emphasized the significance of every form of assistance in the face of the crisis.

Several prominent figures, including bollywood star Aamir Khan, tamil actor vishnu Vishal, and badminton player Jwala Gutta, have joined efforts to evacuate people from the flood-hit low-lying areas of Chennai. This is not the first time that celebrities have responded effectively to natural calamities, and many are actively contributing to aid efforts during the current chennai floods.

The situation in chennai has led to at least 13 reported deaths due to floods caused by torrential rains preceding Cyclone Maichang, which hit the andhra pradesh coast. chennai, a city of over 6 million people and a major hub for automobile and technology manufacturing, has faced disruptions with rescue crews employing boats and inflatable rafts to reach those trapped in submerged homes. Videos circulating on social media depict the challenges faced by residents, with submerged vehicles and rescue workers navigating waist-deep water.

The floods evoke memories of the devastating floods eight years ago that claimed around 290 lives, prompting concerns about the city's infrastructure's ability to withstand extreme weather. chief minister MK stalin has sought compensation of Rs 5,000 crore from prime minister Narendra Modi. Experts, including Civil engineer and Geo-Analytics Expert raj Bhagat P, have pointed out that the stormwater drainage systems in the city, while effective in moderate rains, may struggle to prevent flooding during exceptionally heavy rainfall.

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