From the last two days, there is a lot of discussion about Pawan Kalyan's election nomination. Because many kinds of news are heard mostly about his assets and education. Exactly five years ago when pawan kalyan was making his nomination, there was a lot of discussion about his educational qualification. Because in the affidavit he had declared that he had passed only class 10, but a few days before in the affidavit he declared himself as an inter student.

Nagababu, however, took another step forward and said that he was known as a degree holder with intermediate and some other subjects. nagababu has also informed that madras Bar Councilors have registered him after studying LLB. chiranjeevi has passed his degree. One of his younger sisters has done MBBS and another younger sister has done degree. But pawan kalyan was caught in the crossfire by saying that he was a degree holder.

This time in the affidavit, pawan kalyan seems to be very careful about his educational qualification. pawan kalyan also informed that he has only passed class 10th. With this, everyone left this matter. In the past, pawan kalyan also told some stories that he has read lakhs of books and has indepth knowledge too. But this time in the affidavit, it seems that he has only stated that he is in class 10th. pawan kalyan has been moving forward very cautiously in all matters lately. Also, once agian it stirs the Internet among his fans and haters.

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