The internet has been talking about radhika Merchant and Anant Ambani's pre-wedding event for some time now. Photos and videos from the second pre-wedding cruise bash are currently going popular online. fashion aficionados are talking about every outfit that radhika wears. Designer rhea chakraborty released a set of images of radhika on Sunday, showing off a peek of her black and white dress embellished with love messages from Anant Ambani. 
This exquisite combination brings to mind samantha Ruth Prabhu, who wore a saree adorned with samantha and Chaitanya's love tale during her engagement. In a black and white gown, radhika Merchant attended the pre-wedding celebration. Her dress featured an off-the-shoulder sweetheart neckline, a black bodice studded with crystals, and a white French chiffon fabric draped over it that displays the love letter that Radhika's fiancé, Anant Ambani, gave her on her 22nd birthday. A striking image is produced by the long hemline and matching stole wrapped around her hands.

Radhika's style appears to be similar to Samantha's engagement saree concept. The kushi actress chose a white dress with elaborate gold embroidery during her engagement to ex-husband naga Chaitanya. But what drew our eye was the elaborate embroidery adorning the saree border, which told the narrative of samantha and Chaitanya's love. She accessorized her gorgeous appearance with a golden off-the-shoulder shirt. Samantha's lovely idea is evidence of her affection.

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