Are these symptoms present? Too much cholesterol..?

Due to a bad lifestyle and hectic lifestyle, people's eating habits are disturbed and people are constantly exposed to new diseases. Likewise, regular mistakes in food and drinks not only increase the risk of high blood pressure and heart disease but also increase the level of bad cholesterol in the body. This can lead to many diseases. So while there are many signs of high cholesterol, there are some warning signs that should not be ignored, and we will learn about them. High cholesterol levels block the blood vessels and then the blood supply to the whole body including the heart is not done properly. Due to this, apart from high blood pressure and diabetes, the risk of heart disease increases.
Eating more processed foods increases the risk of bad cholesterol in our bodies because most of the foods sold in the market are made of oily products. These oils are very high in cholesterol, which causes bad cholesterol in the blood. Also, lipid profile test is done to detect high cholesterol in the body, but today we are seeing some such symptoms in hand which can help to detect high cholesterol. Due to high cholesterol, the heart cannot pump blood properly, due to which there is less blood in the hands, due to which hand pain starts. . So if you experience severe pain in your hands, don't ignore it.Due to reduced blood flow in the blood vessels of the hand, there is pain and sensation in the hand. If you have a tingling sensation in your hands, you should immediately be alert and check your cholesterol levels.The color of the nails is light red or pink when the blood is right in the arm, but after increasing the cholesterol level, along with the nails, the color of the skin also starts to change. If your nails are changing color, don't ignore it, even if it's a mistake.

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