World Leprosy Day: Early symptoms of leprosy in children...

Leprosy is a chronic infectious disease that can be cured. On World Leprosy Day, learn the early warning signs of leprosy in children. Early treatment can avoid disability. Even though leprosy affects adults more frequently than children, it can still harm children. It is better to recognize the early indicators of leprosy in youngsters in order to avoid any long-term harm. Leprosy was deemed to be "eliminated as a public health problem" two decades ago. Yet, there are still new instances reported in india and other countries. Children are diagnosed with 9 out of every 100 new cases, according to a 2019 study that was published in the indian Journal of Paediatric Dermatology.

What are a child's early leprosy symptoms?

In order to correctly treat leprosy and prevent complications, it's critical to recognize the early symptoms and get medical attention. These are a few indicators:

Areas of skin

Look for areas of skin that are pale or reddish. The specialist notes that although these patches would not hurt, they could lose feeling.

Sensitivity or tingling

It may be an early indication of leprosy if your child experiences tingling or numbness in certain places, particularly the hands, feet, or face.

weakened muscles

Muscle weakness can be brought on by leprosy. This may make it difficult to grasp objects or carry out basic tasks.

vision issues

Your child's eyes can be dry or runny. Additionally, your child may have trouble blinking, which could be a sign of leprosy impacting the nerves in their face.


Your youngster may experience frequent nosebleeds if they have leprosy. They could occur as a result of leprosy-related nasal tissue damage.

heightened anxiety

Check under the skin for any lumps or bumps. Examine the cheek and ear regions; there may be thicker nerves there.

Slow-healing sores can be a symptom of leprosy. According to the specialist, if untreated, it may result in abnormalities.

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