Super Blue moon illuminates the indian sky...

On wednesday night, a Super Blue moon, a rare occurrence, lit up the indian sky. The occurrence of a full moon that also happens to be a blue moon and a perigee moon is a rare astronomical phenomenon. It will be a blue moon because it will be the second full moon in August. Astrologer richard Nolle first used the term "Super Blue Moon" in 1946. By 7:30 am IST on august 31, the blue moon will become a super blue moon.

The third and last full moon of the summer in the Northern Hemisphere will be the Super Blue moon on august 30. nasa estimates that the moon will be at its brightest at 6:07 am IST on august 31 (8:37 pm EDT on august 30). It's visible to the unaided eye. A blue moon, also known as a full moon that is also a blue moon and a perigee moon, is a rare astronomical event. The moon is full for the second time this month. About every two and a half years, this occurs.

What does a perigee moon mean? 

A full moon known as a perigee occurs when the moon is in its orbit's closest point to Earth. Approximately every 27.5 days, this occurs. 

How large and bright will it seem? 

Compared to a typical full moon, the Super Blue moon will appear about 14% bigger and 30% brighter. This is due to the moon's unusually close proximity to Earth.

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