Sneak peeks for industry critics and influencers are being offered more frequently as a new strategy for marketing. This technique is now being used by filmmakers to create "concept-based" movies and unconventional tales. This tactic has helped movies like Dhanush's "Sir" and venu Yeldandi's "Balagam" succeed. It worked like a charm for the movie "Writer Padmabhushan," which is now being used by many other filmmakers.

It is therefore not surprising that Krishna vamsi adopted the same strategy for his most recent movie, "Rangamarthanda," an emotional drama starring Prakash Raj, Brahmanandam, rahul sipligunj, and ramya krishna as the lead performers. It is essential to generate a tonne of good press for the film before huge its debut because none of the performers have the star power to independently produce considerable box office earnings.

Krishna vamsi is currently giving filmmakers, critics, and working women early access to his films in order to accomplish this. The success of the movie is partly due to these early screenings. Krishna vamsi is effectively relying on the hype created by these sneak previews to get crowds to the movies, as the film is scheduled to premiere next week.

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