We reported on Nani's potential to break the previous mark for tier 2 heroes prior to the release of dasara by hitting the elusive double digit - Rs 10+ Cr opening. This has indeed been the case with dasara, as the movie made astounding profits on its first day of release in the telugu states. According to the most recent box office statistics, the movie made Rs 13.50 crores on its first day in the telugu states.

In terms of openings for tier 2 heroes, dasara has now broken the previous mark. Not only that, but it outperformed expectations by a wide margin. nani not only reached the double digit milestone, but also exceeded it by a significant amount. dasara will serve as the new standard for rank two heroes, and improving upon her would be difficult. As anticipated, the movie has caused havoc in the Nizam region. The movie has made $845K in the USA so far, and by this Friday, it will have surpassed the coveted $1 million milestone.

Other movies like Liger and Uppena just barely missed the Rs 10 crore premiere, but dasara has now nailed it with a Rs 13.5 crore debut.

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