Hit The First Case: The sequel of the first case will be released only after two weeks, the hero of 'Major' gets a chance in the second case

The girlfriend of a police officer battling mental illness suddenly disappears due to memories from his past. He is called back from leave and after returning he learns that the case has a connection to another case in which a teenager from an influential family is missing. The needle of suspicion is also on this police officer and the police officer who is with whom the investigation of the case is not done well. The matter gets complicated day by day.

The needles of doubt keep moving one after the other toward all the people. Sometimes neighbors come into the circle and sometimes family members. This is the story of the telugu film 'Hit the First Case' released just before the start of the Corona transition period. 'Hit' here refers to the Homicide Investigation Team. The sequel of this hit telugu film is going to release on July 29 and in this, actor Adivi Shesh, who became famous in the hindi belt from the film 'Major', has become the hero. And, the hindi remake of the film is proposed to release on July 15.

Just three days ago, T-Series released the teaser of their next film 'Hit The First Case'. In this teaser, actor rajkumar rao is seen doing the same thing which we mentioned at the beginning of this news. Yes, think you have been absolutely fine because the original telugu film 'Hit the First Case' of Rajkumar Rao's film 'Hit the First Case' is going to release on July 15, these days the audience is watching a lot on Prime Video. Huh.

The hindi dubbed version of the film is also available on YouTube and its viewership is also increasing rapidly since the teaser of Rajkummar Rao's film came out.


Telugu film 'Hit the First Case' was released on 28 february 2020. The film, written and directed by Shailesh Kolanu, features the pairing of Vishwak Sen and Ruhani Sharma. Along with this, actor murli sharma is also seen as a special character. Made at a cost of only 6 crores, this telugu film earned 8.5 crores in the first weekend of its release. Shailesh Kolanu did two things after this film became a hit. One wrote the sequel of this film in telugu and started shooting for it.

Simultaneously, he decided to make his film in hindi as well and completed its shooting. telugu film 'Hit the Second Case' is going to release on July 29 and its teaser has also been released. In this film 'Major' hero Adivi Shesh has got the lead role.

Rajkumar Rao has become a police officer in the hindi film 'Hit the First Case'. sanya malhotra is in the role of his girlfriend along with newcomers like Sanu Kumar and Rohan Singh. Shailesh has made this film in hindi, so he has set the whole event in the hindi belt itself. But seeing the trailer of the film, it is understood that his film 'Hit the First Case' starring rajkummar rao is a frame-to-frame copy of his film telugu film 'Hit the First Case'.

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