In a recent return to Twitter, bollywood actress kangana ranaut said that a well-known actor from the film industry is "spying" on her. The actress revealed that things have advanced to the point where she is being watched not only on the streets but also on the balcony and parking garage of her apartment complex. On Sunday, the actress published a lengthy statement in the instagram story section describing how an actor has started to follow her and has previously made advances toward her.

She further claimed that the actor's wife knows full well what her husband is doing, but instead of stopping it, she is encouraging him. Everyone knows paparazzi only visit stars if they are tipped these days, they even started charging to take pictures of actors, my team or I aren't paying them so who is paying them? kangana began her letter by saying: "Everywhere I go I am being followed and spied on, not only on the streets even in my building parking and home terrace they put zoom lenses to capture me."

She continued by expressing her surprise at how familiar with her schedule the people taking her picture were: "How did they acquire my schedule if I was clicked at 6:30 in the morning? What are they going to do with these photos? And now that I've completed my early morning practise session for choreography, I'm convinced that my whatsapp data is being stolen, along with business dealings and possibly even personal information because nobody was expected at the class but they all showed up in big numbers even on a Sunday."

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