Actress posted a half-n*ked video for a famous actor..!?

Kiran, who has emerged as an attractive actress in the tamil film industry, has created a sensation by posting a half-naked video for a famous actor. Kiran, who is struggling with no film opportunities due to her old age, has started an app where he can see her hot photos, talk to her on a video call, and have a dinner date with her by setting a separate price and earning in a new way. This earns her lakhs of income.
Some people are making accusations that fraud is taking place. Kiran, who is crawling as a controversial heroine, has been attracting fans by regularly posting attractive photos on her instagram page. Kiran, who mostly posts photos in attractive clothes like bikinis, once edited the photos taken in half-nude and posted them as a video. The main reason why kiran posted that half-nude video is because of bollywood actor Ranveer Singh. Last year, actor ranveer singh was involved in controversy by conducting a nude photo shoot. Then there were strong protests against him and a police report was filed against him. In support of ranveer singh in this matter, some celebrities have shown their support by publishing photos naked.
Kiran posted this video to support Ranveer Singh. Knowing that if he posted a nude video, kiran would surely be washed away in the comments, she carefully turned off the comment section so that no one could comment and posted the video. At that time, this video of kiran Rathore went viral like wildfire.

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